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:: Plucking string instrument - Changi

Nowadays, Changi is preserved only in one region of Georgia - Svaneti (western mountainous part). The Changi is mainly made of softwood. The most popular material is fir, but sometimes pine-tree is used. The Changi has 6 or 7 strings. It is mostly played by women and is generally used for accompaniment. Solo songs are often accompanied with it. But melodies performed on this instrument represent the transcription of Svanetian national “Saperkhulo” (a dance) melodies not the original instrumental music. Only one Changi is used while accompanying solo melodies. Nevertheless, combining “Chuniri” and “Changi” into ensemble was quite frequent. Changi is quite popular in Svaneti. It was considered to be the instrument of “sorrow”. According to the sayings, it was often played to comfort a person in his grief.

Svanetian Changi
Deer shape Changi
Svanetian Changi
Peacock Shape Changi
Svanetian Changi

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