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Welcome! From the moment you enter our beautiful website, you realize that we are a unique resource dedicated to thoughtful service and quality products for string, percussion and wind instrument players of all ages and proficiency levels. We hope you find these pages entertaining and informative. This is a site about Georgian folk music instruments, but also featured are widespread other extraordinary instruments existed in Georgia. Website represents history of Georgian folk music instruments, their illustrations, general rules of designing, methods of performance and almost 3 hours of beautiful musical selections.

With the help of our site, you will get information about Georgian musical instruments existing in the unique funds of the following museums: National Museum of Georgian Musical Instruments of Tbilisi, National Museum of Arts of Tbilisi and the National Ethnographical Museum of Kutaisi.

Presented resources are collected by the authors on basis of scientific and historical literature. They are in original state, certain part of processed information is provided by the practical experience of popular craftsmen, art-workers and performers as well.

We have used following literature:
D. Arakishvili - “Description of Georgian Folk Instruments”;
M. Shilakadze – “Georgian Folk instruments and music”;
A. Alavidze – “Georgian and widespread instruments in Georgia”;
I. Djavakhishvili – “Georgian Folk song”.

The given work is a minor contribution towards increasing public awareness of our rich cultural traditions and aims at introducing ancient Georgian musical instruments to the wide part of society. Our work is generally based on the ancient Georgian literature and the material obtained as a result of archeological research.

Our team of musicians is available to advice on our full range of products and services, from instrument purchases to the smallest accessories. Whether discussing the tone of an instrument, the differing qualities of strings and design, or the most comfortable construction, we offer guidance to help you make the right choice for your particular needs. You may send any questions or comments by selecting an email link found on most any page. We would love to hear from you. Wind instruments and affordable student string instruments are also for sale through this link. We think you will find exciting things in every section. If you like our site, please tell your friends about hangebi.ge. So, have fun and explore!

Shortly about our team:
Levani Bregvadze - Responsible for international relationship. Website author and constructor.
Roland Bregvadze - Responsible for English and Russian version translations of the site.
Davit Gurguchiani - Craftsman. Responsible for providing high quality instruments.
Maizer Gazdeliani - Craftsman, site consultant. Responsible for providing high quality instruments.

We have great pleasure in acknowledging our sincere gratitude to all who have been given the helping hands in the successful completion of our project.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the director of State Museum of folk music Instruments Mr. Revaz Kotrikadze, for providing us with the wonderful opportunity to work as interns in the museum.

Next, we would like to extend our thanks to the director of Museum of Fine Arts - Mr. David Kiknavelidze, for providing us best facilities and atmosphere according to our interest for the successful completion and presentation of our project.

Our research would not have been fulfilled without co-operation of Mr. Maizer Gazdeliani, Art director and craftsman of folk instruments, special thanks for the sincere cooperation to the “Ensemble ADILA”.

Great contribution and help was made by Kako Lashkarashvili (RIP), who was the great craftsman of Folk Instruments.

Special thanks to Mr. Levan Iremadze (Zugdidi), the great craftsman of Folk Instruments, who always assisted us with consultations regarding the instruments.






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Spreading of Georgian national musical instruments

Spreading of Georgian national musical instruments



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