Abkharza is a two-string musical instrument which is played by a fiddlestick. It is thought to be widespread in all parts of Georgia from the region of Abkhazia and it is distinguished with the external form from other instruments. Mostly, Abkharza is used as an accompaniment instrument. There are performed one, two or three part songs, and national heroical poems on it. Abkharza is cut out of a whole wood piece and has a shape of a boat. Its overall length is 4800mm. Its upper board is glued back to the main part. On the end it has two tuners.

Generally Abkhartsa is accompanist in the Folk music practice for the solo or choral song. The function of Abkhartsa is accompaniment for primarily historical – heroic songs. During the battle all the units had their performers who always had Abkhartsa with them attached to the saddle.

Abkhartsa Samples